A film installation revealing the circular and reciprocating nature of the film medium and activating the space between projector and projection. The film is projected from a custom turntable that moves the entire image back and forth and slowly around 360 degrees. The image is projected onto a 40 foot diameter circle of 24 screens. The subject of the film is a ping pong game. The camera, mounted on the turntable machine, swings back and forth while the entire mechanism slowly moves around and around the table looking in at the game. With the film projected from the center, the space is turned inside out.

16mm | film and sound environment | 25 minutes

This machine is also used in Bill's 2006 work MISTAKES, OUT TAKES AND GOOD DEEDS and the one time performances CIRCULAR FLOW OF ECONOMIC LIFE and LIVING CINEMA WORKSHOP

If you are interested in scheduling a performance of PONG PONG PONG

 at your venue, please contact Bill directly.


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